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    Do’s and Dont’s

    • Dress codes for religious places can include covering your head, being barefoot etc. So carry a scarf to cover your head in such places.
    • As summers in India are quite unpleasant especially during the day so drink lots of water and fluids. A sunscreen is a must to protect the exposed body parts. Also carry sunglasses to protect your eyes from the scorching sun.
    • Photography at many places may not be permissible, and if permissible then only at a fees. Please note that there is usually a higher fee for using video camera.
    • Smoking is not permitted at public places.
    • English is spoken by almost all the tourist guides. You can also ask for Government- trained and approved guides who also speak Italian, French, Spanish German, Russian or Japanese.
    • In India, public toilet facilities are few and far between, so take every opportunity you can to use a clean toilet in places such as hotels and restaurants. Make this a habit wherever you go in India.

    Please note:

    Some temples do not permit leather articles in their premises and certain areas of the temples are not open to Non-Hindus.