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    India is home to not just one or two languages but to a big number of different lingual families. Languages in India belong to primarily two major families – Indo Aryan and Dravidian languages. But still there is not one single Indian language which is spoken by people in India all over the country. Hindi is the most spoken language and it is used by most of North Indians, but not many people speak Hindi in South India. There are many regional languages in India like Tamil is spoken in Tamil Nadu, Telugu in Andhra Pradesh, Kannad in Karnataka and similarly other regional languages in respective states. The Constitution of India has recognized 22 languages as official languages of India. These are known as Scheduled Languages and constitute the Major languages of India. The List of Indian languages includes following:

    • Sanskrit – An ancient language of India.(also known as Vedic Language)
    • Hindi – National Laguage of India.
    • English – Official Language.
    • Urdu – One of the scheduled languages of india identified with muslim.
    • Gujarati – Language of Gujarat & Union Territories of Dadar & Nagar Hveli.
    • Punjabi – The official language of Punjab.
    • Bengali – The state language of West Bengal.
    • Assamese – Official language of Assam.
    • Kashmiri – The language of Kashmir.
    • Oriya – The state language of state of Orissa.
    • Marathi – Language of Maharashtra.
    • Kannada – The official language of Karnataka.
    • Tamil – The state language of Tamil Nadu.
    • Telugu – It is the official language of Andhra Pradesh.
    • Malayalam – It is the official language of Kerala.
    • Konkani – The state language of Goa.
    • Manipuri – The official language of Manipur.