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      Top 11 Hill Stations In West India for an Exhilarating Journey

      For a traveler with an insatiable thirst to discover new places, no other place offers choices as better as India, a land where different cultures, languages, and religions thrive together. It’s a country with vast geographical diversity, the very trait every seasoned traveler looks for while choosing a destination. If you are in search of a region where you get to view all kinds of landscapes India is known for, then head to its Western shores. The Western part of India is studded with many distinct geographical features that pose a wonderful contrast against each other, bringing out their real worth.

      So if you get a sight of a hillock while hitting a desert or view mammoth cliff tops near the beaches, it’s perfectly fine to stop and ponder over the amazing spectacle. To fully absorb the geographical details of western India, taking a trip to its hill stations is the best thing you can do. The location of these green hillocks is ideal to scan the variegated landscapes situated at their base. Take a look at this Hill Stations in West India to unearth the hidden treasures that deserve every bit of your attention in West India Tours.

      1. Mahabaleshwar


      Mahabaleshwar is a vivacious town that takes everyone by surprise with its enchanting greenery and serene views. Situated in Maharashtra this beautiful hill station is enveloped by the Sahyadri mountain range offering a host of natural vistas that are a treat for the eyes. Mahabaleshwar is bestowed with multiple beautiful waterfalls and lakes and every inch of this mesmerizing hill station is drenched in purity and calmness that has a wonderful effect on your soul. The town has earned a significant position in Indian history as it was ruled by many Hindu and Muslim kings who built several ancient structures including a 500 years old temple and a scenic fort situated at the edge of a cliff. 

      Places Of Interest:

      • Venna Lake
      • Lingmala Falls
      • Pratapgarh Fort
      • Mahabaleshwar Temple
      • Mapro Strawberry Garden
      • Wilson Sunset Point
      • Connaught Peak
      • Rajpuri Caves
      • Elephant’s Head Point

      Best Time To Visit:  ( October – June )

      2. Panchgani

      Panchgani, Sahyadri hill range

      This pretty hill refuge located within the five mountains in Sahyadri Mountain range proposes many delightful prospects for seekers of nature and peace. Its short distance from Mahabaleshwar makes it a must-visit destination for travelers who plan a trip to Mahabaleshwar. This place has lots of scenic spots to spend your time in tranquility. The dense patches of greenery you come across on your way to Panchgani put you in a relaxed state and prepare you to be ready for other strikingly beautiful natural treasures hidden in its different locations.

      Places Of Interest:

      • Sydney Point
      • Dhom Dam
      • Parso Point
      • Table Land
      • Vajrai Falls
      • Kamalgarh Fort
      • Devil’s Kitchen
      • Seven Ghats at Wai
      • Pandavgarh Fort

       Best Time To Visit:  ( September – February )

      3. Mount Abu

      Mount Abu

      This charming hill station has been rightfully named ‘An oasis in the desert’ as it’s the only hill station in Rajasthan. Throughout its history, this place has remained the preferred escape from the sweltering heat of Rajasthan for many Rajput rulers who built their beautiful summer palaces here.

      The climate of this hilly resort is quite unlike the climate in deserts; hence it makes for an ideal refuge to escape the sweltering heat of deserts in Rajasthan Tour India. The forests of Mount Abu host fledgling wildlife worth observing.

      Mount Abu,Toad Rock

      Places Of Interest:

      • Achalgarh Fort
      • Nakli Lake
      • Achleshwar Mahadev Temple
      • Toad Rock
      • Dilwara Jain Temples
      • Sunrise Palace
      • Honeymoon Point
      • Kesar Bhagwan Palace
      • Khadi Bazaar

      Best Time To Visit: ( September – June )

      4. Khandala


      A revered holiday spot for a majority of folks residing in Mumbai and Pune, Khandala holds a veritable existence as one of the best hill stations in India because of its pleasant weather. It is home to a great number of hillside forts, waterfalls and cliff tops giving a distinct feel to its hilly landscape. The trails and terrains leading up to the cliffs and valleys nearby introduce you to the massive variety of plant and wildflower species growing in the region. This is one place that lets you enjoy every season in the best way as the weather here does not get harsh.

      Places of Interest:

      • Bhajan Caves
      • Lohagarh Fort
      • Karla Caves
      • Raj machi Fort
      • Visapur Fort
      • Valvan Dam
      • Tikona Fort
      • Korigarh Fort
      • Bhairavnath Temple
      • Bhushi Lake
      • Sunset Point

      Best Time To Visit:  ( August – July )

      5. Saputara


      Being one of the few hill stations in the state of Gujarat, Saputara is a popular tourist getaway that sees a great influx of tourists from in and around Gujarat for an up-close experience with nature. Venturing into this gorgeous piece of land is a breathtaking experience for those who have spent some days touring the salt deserts of Gujarat. The cascading waterfalls, lush forests and gardens create a beautiful harmony enough to compel the visitors to prolong their stay in India Tours.

      Places of Interest:

      • Hatgarh Fort
      • Artist Village
      • Vansda National Park
      • Tribal Museum
      • Step Garden
      • Rose Garden
      • Saputra Lake
      • Gira Falls
      • Purna Sanctuary
      • Saputara Museum

      Best Time To Visit:  ( October – February )

      6. Lonavala

      Lohgad Fort, Lonavala

      For decades, Lonavala has remained a favored holiday destination for city dwellers as well as for those on a lookout for a peaceful place away from the noise and traffic of cities. Inspite of the modernization that took place in all these years, this place still carries a natural charm that appeals to visitors of all kinds. You can find many cafes in Lonavala surrounded by a thick green patch to sip coffee and read your favorite book.

      Places Of Interest:

      • Kune Falls
      • Paina Lake
      • Lion’s Point
      • Karna la Bird Sanctuary
      • Tung Fort
      • Bedse Caves
      • Celebrity Wax Museum
      • Lonavala Lake
      • Sri Narayani Dham Temple

      Best Time To Visit: ( July – October )

      7. Chorla Ghats

      Chorla Ghat

      Chorla Ghats in Goa is no less than a paradise for travelers who wish to escape the beach atmosphere for a while to wallow in the beauty of nature’s treasures that are found in a hill station Tours. 

      The soothing sights of waterfalls, Dams, and forests located near Chorla Ghats have a positive influence on your mind. The forests here own great biodiversity which includes many species of wild animals and birds and its worth it to visit the Wildlife sanctuary to take stock of different animal species and their natural habitats.

      Places Of Interest:

      • Zuari River
      • Amboli Waterfalls
      • Anjuman Dam
      • Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary
      • Peak of Ladki Temb
      • Twin Vajra Waterfalls

      Best Time To Visit: ( June – September )

      8. Kamshet


      This hill station in Maharashtra is mostly thronged by adventure lovers as it happens to be a popular site for paragliding. You can find many flying academies in Kamshet owing to this reason. But if you are the one who just wants a peaceful escape, then this place is a treasure in its own right as it houses many enchanting sites to make your stay a dream one.

      Hiring a Car Rental Service in India that can show you all the sites would be the best option. What makes this place so deserving of a visit is its proximity to two other popular hill stations: Khandala and Lonavala.

      Places Of Interest:

      • Kondeshwar Temple
      • Pawna Lake
      • Bhandar Dongar Hill
      • Shinde Wadi Hills
      • Bhairi Caves

      Best Time To Visit: ( October – May )

      9. Wilson Hills

      Wilson Hills

      This hill retreat is gaining popularity as a tourist getaway in Gujarat as it is one of the few places in Gujarat hosting a dense green cover. The spellbinding views of forests, cliffs, and valleys seen from this particular region offers respite from the dry and arid land of Gujarat. For this reason, travelers from nearby places especially Surat opt for this place to spend their weekends amid nature.

      Places of Interest:

      • Shankar Waterfalls
      • Marble Chhatri
      • Lady Wilson Museum
      • Barumal Temple
      • Ozone Valley
      • Tadkeshwar Mahadev Temple
      • Kalai Beach
      • Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary

      Best Time To Visit: ( October – April )

      10. Lavasa


      Lavasa in Maharashtra is a newly developed hill station that has been designed to cater to every need of a modern traveler. The most arresting feature of this planned hill city is its design which replicates Portofino, a famous city in Italy. The green expanse you see from this city brings out the real appeal of the Western Ghats that stand as a backdrop of Lavasa. The sight of artificial water bodies and dams located in this place is sure to delight you with their intelligent layouts.

      Places Of Interest:

      • Lavasa Nature Trail
      • Temghar Dam
      • Panshet Dam
      • Ghangad Fort
      • Varasgaon Dam
      • Devkund Waterfalls
      • Bamboosa Bamboo Factory
      • Tamhini Ghat
      • Mulshi Dam
      • Torna Fort

      Best Time To Visit: ( September – March )

      11. Matheran


      Very few places in Western India can overpower the magic and allure of Matheran, an acclaimed hill station situated close to Mumbai in Maharashtra. This place is buzzing with many natural wonders that promise to fill your senses with unadulterated joy. Another attention-grabbing feature of this hill station is the forts which tell a tale of the rich history of Marathas through their intelligent architecture.

      To get the best view of the nature prevailing in this region, a ride in the local toy train is a must which also proves to be highly entertaining and thrilling. So get your tours with the best Tour Operator.

      Places Of Interest:

      • Matheran Toy Train
      • Garbett Point
      • One Tree Hill Point
      • Hart Point
      • Charlotte Lake
      • Irshalgarh Fort
      • Vikatgad Fort
      • Porcupine Point
      • King George Point
      • Shivaji’s Ladder
      • Ambernath Shiv Mandir
      • Mount Berry

      Best Time To Visit: ( July – October )

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