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Kushinagar is another principal centre of Buddhism, situated about 53 km west of Gorakhpur, in Uttar Pradesh. This sleepy town, with its serenity and unassuming beauty, absorbs visitors into a contemplative mood. It is this place that the Buddha had chosen to free himself from the cycles of death and life and, therefore, it occupies a very special space in the heart of every Buddhist. The excavations led by General Cunningham have revealed structures and artifacts related to all sects of Buddhism. Famous for its wonderful temples, Chaityas, Viharas and Tibetan monasteries, Kushinagar expresses all sects of Buddhism. Earlier, the town was also known as Kushinara and Kasia.

Places To Visit

Mahaparinirvana Temple:
This houses a 6.10 meter long statue of the Buddha in a reclining position. The image was unearthed during the excavations of 1876. Carved from Chunar sandstone, this statue represents the dying Buddha reclining on his right side. An inscription below dates the statue to the fifth century.

Kushinagar Museum:
Exhibits Buddhist relics, sculptures and terracotta unearthed from the Kushinagar region, as well as some Tibetan thangkas (rectangular cloth paintings) and Mughal miniature paintings.

Ramabhar Stupa:
This is where Buddha’s body is said to have been cremated and monks and pilgrims can often be seen meditating by the palm-lined path that leads around the structure. Architecturally, this half-ruined 15m-high stupa is little more than a large, dome-shaped clump of red bricks.

Wat Thai Temple:
The temple was originally conceived as a forest monastery and is, therefore, located amongst dense growth of a variety of trees, shrubs and plants. The temple, built in Thai-Buddhist architectural style, is located in a huge complex sprawling over an area of ten acres. Besides the temple, the complex also houses a monastery, garden, health center, school and a library.

How to Reach Kushinagar

By Air: Gorakhpur airport (GPO) is the nearest airport from Kushinagar which is 50 km away and it has flights from Delhi. Another airport is Varanasi Airport (VNS) at Babatpur from Kushinagar which is 180 km away and it has flights from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

By Train: Gorakhpur railway station (GKP) is the nearest station from Kushinagar which is 51 kms away and it is well connected to stations like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Lucknow.

By Road: Distances

From To Distance
Kushinagar Bodhgaya 365 Km
Kushinagar Sarnath 230 Km
Kushinagar Nalanda 305 km
Kushinagar Vaishali 215 Km
Kushinagar Rajgir 315 Km
Kushinagar Lumbini 145 Km
Kushinagar Gaya 315 Km
Kushinagar Patna 215 Km
Kushinagar Shravasti 240 Km
Kushinagar Gorakhpur 55 Km