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Places Associated With Buddha Life


Bodhgaya is a very special place for Buddhists as it is Bodhgaya which transformed Prince Siddhartha into Gautam Buddha as he attained enlightenment here with eternal knowledge under the Banyan tree which is today known as Bodhi Tree all over the world. Bodhgaya is situated in State of Bihar in India and it changed the entire world as Buddhism spread to so many countries in Asia transforming their lives. Read More >>


One of the four most important Buddhist pilgrimage destinations in India, Sarnath is the site where Lord Buddha – the great sage delivered his first sermon after attaining enlightenment. This marked the foundation of the first Buddhist Sangha or the community of monks. The main teachings after his enlightenment centered on the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. Then, the Buddhist Sangha had grown to 60 in number. Read More >>


Lumbini is famous in the world for being the sacred site of Lord Buddha’s birth. Today, it is a small village on Indo-Nepal border near Sonauli in Nepal. After a period of 300 years since Mahaparinirvana of Buddha, Ashoka visited Lumbini and erected a pillar there. The pillar although damaged, but its remains are still there. Read More >>


Kushinagar is another principal centre of Buddhism, situated about 53 km west of Gorakhpur, in Uttar Pradesh. The otherwise quiet town charms visitors with its serenity and unassuming beauty. It is this place that the Buddha had chosen to free himself from the cycles of death and life and, therefore, it occupies a very special space in the heart of every Buddhist. Read More >>


Rajgir means the abode of Gods, is a town in Nalanda district. It is a spiritual town with natural serenity amongst the dense forests, mysterious caves and springs. Both Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira have said to spent time here giving it huge spiritual and religious importance. Rajgir is famous for forts, rock-cut caves, shell inscriptions, Buddhist ruins, Hindu and Jain temples and Muslim tombs. Read More >>


Shravasti is placed on the banks of the river Rapti. It was the capital of ancient Kosala kingdom and is sacred to the Buddhists because it is here that Lord Buddha performed the greatest of his miracles to confound the Tirthika heretics. These miracles include Buddha creating multiple images of himself, which has been a favourite theme of Buddhist art. Read More >>


The city’s name has been derived from Na-alam-da, which means Insatiable in Giving, one of the names by which the Lord Buddha was known. Nalanda was founded in 5th century B.C. Nalanda is also known as one of the world’s oldest living cities with the oldest university of the world. The Buddhist University of Nalanda was once the most prestigious center of learning in Asia. Read More >>


Vaishali is 60 km from Patna, connected by the 5.5 km long Mahatma Gandhi Bridge. A famous pilgrimage in Bihar, Vaishali is deemed to embrace people of two main religions i.e. Buddhism and Jainism. Buddha announced the approaching of his Mahaparinirvana here. During one of his visits there, Buddha was offered a bowl of honey by a monkey; this incident is mentioned as one of the eight great events in his life. Read More >>