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Vaishali is 60 km from Patna, connected by the 5.5 km long Mahatma Gandhi Bridge. A famous pilgrimage in Bihar, Vaishali is deemed to embrace people of two main religions i.e. Buddhism and Jainism. Buddha announced the approaching of his Mahaparinirvana here. During one of his visits there, Buddha was offered a bowl of honey by a monkey; this incident is mentioned as one of the eight great events in his life. This city has played a very important life in Lord Buddha as he spent here five years after his enlightenment.

It was at Vaishali that a number of people embraced after Buddha had displayed divine presentations of his spirituality. It is believed that around eighty four thousand people had adopted Buddhism at that time. Vaishali is also very important for the fact that it was here that women were made part of Sangha for the first time in history of Buddhism. Mahaprajapati Gautami, who was Gautam Buddha’s foster mother, had also joined the order at Vaishali with other 500 Shakya-women.

Places To Visit

Ashokan Pillar :
The magnificent Ashokan Pillar with a lion adorning its top is a unique masterpiece. This 18.3 m high pillar is made of a single piece of red sandstone.

Fort Vishal :
It is a 1 km long fort which had housed the parliament of those times.

Museum :
The museum houses a rich collection of antiquities discovered from various sites in Vaishali.

Abhishek Pushkarn :
Deemed to be blessed in the yesteryear, Abhishek Pushkarn also known as Coronation Pond contains the ashes of Gautam Buddha.

How to Reach Vaishali

By Air: Patna Airport (PAT) is the nearest airport from Vaishali which is 55 km away and it has flights from Delhi,

Mumbai, Kolkata and Lucknow.

By Rail: Hajipur station (HJP) is the nearest railway station which is 35 Km away and connected with Delhi, Kolkata,

Mumbai, Varanasi and Bangalore and another option is Patna railway Station (PNBE) which is 55 km away and it has great connectivity to metro cities a like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ranchi, Varanasi and Hyderabad.

By Road: Distances

From To Distance
Vaishali Bodhgaya 150 Km
Vaishali Sarnath 280 Km
Vaishali Nalanda 85 km
Vaishali Rajgir 125 Km
Vaishali Kushinagar 315 Km
Vaishali Lumbini 340 Km
Vaishali Gaya 135 Km
Vaishali Patna 35 Km
Vaishali Shravasti 450 Km
Vaishali Delhi 1070 Km