India Yoga Tour Packages

Practising Yoga has now become very popular all over the world. Yoga has attracted visitors from all across to practice this art and various forms of meditation here. The roots of yoga have been founded in ancient India 5000 years ago. This ancient wellness technique has been practiced for centuries benefitting practitioners on their mental and physical state of the body through its various asanas. International visitors came to know about Yoga in India mainly since George Harrison, one of band members brought Beatles to India. They came to study meditation in an Ashram on the bank of the river Ganges in Rishikesh under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The Beatles played a major role making yoga popular in the world. We have designed yoga tour package especially in Rishikesh which is also known as Yoga Capital of the world. However, if you wish to do it differently and combine it with visit to other places in India, we may design a special yoga tour package just for you.

Rishikesh Yoga
Rishikesh Spiritual yoga