Lakshadweep Islands Tours

Lakshadweep is gaining popularity in recent years. It is still one of lesser visited places where as it is ranked among one of the most spectacular and exotic tropical island system in the world. Lakshadweep has thirty six islands, twelve atolls and three reefs. The islands are located at a distance of about 200 km from the mainland Kerala Coast. Lakshadweep enchants people due to its remoteness and unexploited beaches. It does not boast of luxury resorts as you may find in nearby Maldives but that is also its beauty because it has been able to conserve its pristine palm fringed beaches and marine life. The islands just look like emeralds in backdrop of vast blue water. The total area of Lakshdadweep islands is only 32 square kilometre but
the lagoons surrounding the atolls cover an area of more than 4200 square kilometre. Most of the islands in Lakshadweep are uninhabited and only 10 of these are habited by people.

The islands can be accessed either on a cruise or by flight. Agatti is the only airport in Lakshadweep which has air connectivity from Kochi, Benagaluru and few other airports in India. You need a special permit to visit Lakshadweep. State Express being one of the few authorised travel agents in Lakshadweep approved by Lakshadweep Tourism can organise everything including reservation in resorts, boat transfers, flight booking and manage special permit for you to enter there.

State Express is one stop agency to offer you complete Lakshadweep Islands Tours.

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