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      8 Highly Engaging Things to Do In Nepal

      Nepal is a beautiful country packed with astounding opportunities for those wishing to get a spectacular experience of the mountains. The main attraction of Nepal is the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world which makes it one of the best locations for trekking expeditions and other adventurous pursuits.

      What makes a trip to Nepal the most memorable is its unique culture preserved by the locals who seem ever ready to treat the visitors with their supreme hospitality.

      Being the birthplace of Lord Buddha, it’s famous around the world as a spiritually prosperous nation. Most of the visitors who come to visit this majestic place come to connect with their spiritual senses and to escape modern-day stresses.

      The untainted beauty of Nepal coupled with its delightfully distinct landscape and culture is what makes it one of the top travel destinations in the world. To savor all the treasures this country stores, we suggest you to take stock of these activities you must explore in your Nepal Tour.

      1. Everest and Annapurna Base Camp Treks

      The most convincing way to come close to Nepal’s boisterous landscape is to go on a trek till the base camps at Mount Everest or Annapurna peak. Both these mountains present vastly different features which give a preview of the unique geographical disposition of the highlands of Nepal.

      Nepal Trekking

      Seasoned trekkers can opt to stay a few days at the camp for acclimatization before planning to scale the mountains if the weather and other conditions seem favorable. The rivers flowing at a close distance from the base camp are great destinations for fishing and rafting which garners the attention of visitors who are not interested in climbing the mountains.

      2. Wildlife Safari at Chitwan National Park

      One of the most captivating sights you would encounter in Nepal is of the flora and fauna existing in Chitwan National Park. You can check with your india tour operator to acquaint yourselves about the jeep safari packages available at the park.

      Apart from observing the booming wildlife and birds species in the open, you also get to visit a crocodile farm located within the sanctuary. Here you get to see and know about different species of the said reptile found in Nepal.

      3. Nepal Historical Landmarks Tour

      The first thing you’re likely to notice upon entering this bewitching country is the opulent architecture showcased in government buildings spread all around in Kathmandu. The stately design of these ancient buildings built by the kings of Nepal reflects the magnificence of Nepali construction styles.

      The palaces, temples and ancient markets depicting the rich heritage of Nepal. Durbar Square, Kaiser Mahal Palace, and Thamel are some of the places you need to visit to glimpse the history each of them portrays.

      4. Manakamana Cable Car Ride

      Manakamana Cable Car Ride

      Those who want to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking scenery of peaks and mountains in Nepal but lack the courage to go on a trek, taking a ride in Manakamana cable car is a great idea. Named after Manakamana Devi temple, a ride on this track shows you some brilliant views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri peaks along with the dense greenery located beneath the ropeway.

      The temple at Manakamana receives many pilgrims especially newlyweds as it is believed that Manakamana Devi grants wishes of devotees who pray with the purest intent.

      5. Hunting at Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

      Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

      If you are keen on trying your hand at hunting but are unsure about places where you are allowed to hunt legally, Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is the place to be. This reserve was set up by the Government of Nepal to boost the country’s economy by promoting hunting sport and also to conserve the ecosystem.

      Out of the countless wildlife species cohabiting the region, only a few of them are allowed to be hunted, that too in controlled numbers, the most famous one being the blue sheep. Even if you have no plans to hunt animals, this place still serves as an excellent destination for sightseeing and trekking.

      6. Phewa Lake Boatride

      Phewa Lake Boatride

      Phewa Lake is one of the most picturesque attractions in Pokharan. Taking a boat ride on this lake is a must to experience the tranquility emanating from the forests surrounding the lake. Once you glide over the waters of this lake, you’ll be thrilled with the magnetic beauty nestling it.

      You can hear the chirping of birds living in the forests which elicits the serene atmosphere of the lake. There’s a temple situated at the center of the lake that attracts pilgrims from around the country. From here, you can view the Peace Pagoda and even plan a hike up till the Pagoda which provides pleasing views of nature around Phewa Lake.

      7. Everest Mountain Flight

      Everest mountain Flight

      Getting to watch the Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do in your entire lifetime. Hence, missing this key attraction in your India Nepal Trip would be a total blunder.

      If you’re running short on time, it’s still possible to view the Everest as many airlines run one-hour flights over the Everest and a few other mountain peaks lying in the Himalayan range.

      The pristine views of snow-capped peaks, forests, rivers and lakes you get to watch in this journey is something that is going to stay in your memories all your life.

      8. Visit To Kupondole Art Street

      Kupondole Art Street

      If you travel to Nepal and have to stay in Kathmandu for some reason but cannot stand city’s crowds and dusty roads, there’s no better way to spend your time other than visiting the streets of Kupondole famous for their bright and colorful wall art. The streets here are painted with murals and other art features that infuse an air of youthfulness into the area.

      There are many cafes and restaurants located around this region which are mostly thronged by foreign visitors staying in Pulchowk. You can also find many art galleries, malls, and night clubs in this area which are not so touristy like in Kathmandu and you can easily spend a couple of hours shopping souvenirs and other things you need.

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