India Luxury Train Tours

India is unlike any other destination in the world. India is not just a country but it is a true sub-continent not only because of its sheer size but because of variety of cultures, rituals, languages, architecture and nature. India boasts of some of world’s most charming luxury hotels. There are certain historic havelis, royal forts and palaces which have been converted into luxury boutique hotels to give you a memorable experience of foregone era. 

You need a travel expert who can give you the best experience of travelling to India by exploring the Majesty and Splendor of this fascinating land. State Express is an award-winning Indian Tour Operator with a rich experience of four decades. Our travel experts are very well familiar with destination as they have spent great deal of time in exploring Indian sub-continent to understand the destination. We like to interact with our guests to understand what they expect from their tour in India and hence we are able to offer a tour to india that suites you best. Besides perfect tour planning, we also pay great attention to minute details in selection of hotels which is very important. We try to give our guests an experience in an old fort, palace, heritage haveli in great location.

State Express has its own fleet of luxury cars viz. Mercedes Benz, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover, mini vans and coaches. We have a dedicated and experience team of chauffeurs who have been working with us since decades and know what it takes to deliver best service to our guests. Our team of multilingual guides is experienced and they have great knowledge of rich Indian history, architecture, landscape and people to enrich your India experience. We are undoubtedly able to deliver unmatched travel experiences with highly personalized service to make India tour a truly unforgettable experience.

Though, you will find a number of tour itineraries in our website, but we take pride in providing a customized tour to our guests and shall be glad to suggest you a tour as per your interest.