Offbeat India Tours Packages

Most of the tour packages in India include visit to Golden Triangle, Rajasthan, Varanasi, Kerala and Goa. Though these are all fantastic destinations and that is why these are so popular. But, India is not limited to only these places but there are some lesser known places which can captivate any visitor. To quote an example, Hampi is such a place with intriguing historical ruins of Vijayanagara empire. Badami Caves with a unique blend of North Indian and South Indian architecture. Ajanta and Ellora caves are masterpieces of rock cut cave architecture which is mind boggling. Mandu, popularly known as “city of joy” is must visit for architectural jewels and historical landmarks. There are so many other places in India which will mesmerize you but are not on regular tourist circuit.
State Express with its experience of four decades and its knowledge about India is capable of taking you to such magnificent places. Our off-the-beaten-track India tours are once in a lifetime experience which will leave you spellbound.

Rural India Tour